To get the maximum benefit from your Spray Tanning session, here are some tips to prepare you for your tan and after leaving our studio. We strongly suggest you make note of these preparation and after care tips.

Before your appointment
If possible, it is best to exfoliate and either shave, wax or undertake laser hair removal 1-2 days prior to your spray tanning appointment. This is to ensure any dry or dead skin is removed therefore making way for your skin to get the perfect smooth and even tan.
Please do not wear any moisturiser, makeup or perfume to your session as it important to keep your skin naturally cleansed.

At your appointment
We will discuss with you your requirements on the particular tan / look you’re trying to achieve. This will include how long to keep the tanning solution on and when to rinse this off . Be rest assured knowing we only use the best of the best products that are organic and certified DHA.

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After Spray Tan appointment

  • We strongly recommend you wear dark loose clothing and thongs/flip flops upon leaving our studio (we will remind you to wear these prior to the appointment). The reason for this is because the tanning solution is relatively ‘fresh’ and may cause your clothing to be more visible.
  • You will be advised when it is best to rinse off the product (this step is crucial!). The longer the solution is kept on, the darker your tan will be. Never the less, following your appointment it is important to only lightly rinse for no longer than 5 minutes. Also do not use any soap or shampoo.
  • We recommend after every shower to use a moisturiser with a tan extender to prolong and keep your tan glowing.
  • Be sure to take advantage of our Spray tanning specials. The more sessions you buy, the more you SAVE! 🙂

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