24th May 2020

Dear Clients,

Following an announcement from the NSW Government today, beauty related services can resume operating from 1st June 2020 (Ref: Official media link). Essentially, I Heart Lashes will return to business as per usual and begin taking bookings. In accordance to the government directive, strict requirements are in place regarding pubic health and safety (with some already being standard practices by I Heart Lashes). These include;

  • Exclusion of staff and clients who are unwell, even if they have only mild symptoms
  • Records of attendance on the business premises for all staff, clients and contractors
  • Cleaning requirements
  • Ensure good hand hygiene facilities are available, including at venue entry and exit, and promote excellent hand hygiene by staff
  • Clearly displayed conditions of entry on their entrance, website and social media platforms
  • Designating a staff member whose responsibilities include ensuring staff and clients have appropriate physical distancing and that the venue does not exceed the maximum capacity limit and
  • Encourage download of the COVID-safe app.

Before making any booking or entering the premises, Please read the ‘Conditions of Booking and Entry’ – Click here.

Looking forward on seeing you all again!
kind regards,
Jenni 🙂

25th March 2020

Dear Clients,
From 25th March, the Australian government has imposed new restrictions on a number of business services to curb the spread of COVID-19. This now includes beauty related services. Effective from today, I Heart Lashes will be TEMPORARILY closed until further notice. Although this is very heart-breaking, and just like many workers, businesses and industries greatly affected during these trying times, we must do what is required for the greater good and to protect the safety of everyone. Until the situation settles, I can’t wait to see and work with you all again.

For now, I will continue to post and share photos of unpublished lash work and lifestyle stuff. Finally please look after yourselves, stay safe and continue to support local Australian businesses, whether its your local takeaway restaurant or essential services!

Best wishes, Jenni 🙂

20th March 2020

Dear Clients,

With the COVID-19 situation taking centre stage, I would like to address some updates concerning I Heart Lashes and more importantly, extra strict measures around work, health and safety for clients.

Due to the current environment we’re in, the following safety measures will be enforced for eyelash extension appointments.

  • Prior to accepting any booking, you will be asked out of general health and safety courtesy to acknowledge you have no cold or flu symptoms (fever, coughing or sneezing). This also includes whether you have recently returned from overseas or have interacted with any persons who has returned from overseas.
  • If you have any of the above health symptoms, your booking will not be accepted for obvious reasons. A future date will be scheduled accordingly.
  • Upon entering the premises, clients will have to use the basin to wash hands thoroughly with water and soap before start of the session.
  • Single-use disposable bed cover sheets will be put in place after each session.
  • If you exhibit any consistent dry cough or sneezing, for health and safety reasons the session may be abruptly terminated.
  • If you are feeling unwell, your first priority is to see your local doctor or hospital. If you need any advice concerning COVID-19, please call NSW Health Direct on 1800 022 222.

Looking forward to our next lash session and thank you for your continuing support for I Heart Lashes! Until then, please look after yourself, be kind to one another and don’t buy too much toilet paper 🙂

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