One late Friday afternoon, we received a call from a client who requested for an urgent appointment to help repair her damaged eyelash extensions. The client was visibly upset after she got her eyelash extensions applied from a beauty / hair dressing salon in the city. It was the first time she had visited this particular salon as she decided to leave work early for the day to get them done for a special occasion in the evening. After she had left that session, she suspected it was a botched job as some things didn’t feel right.

Although we managed to painstakingly remove the old lashes and work our magic, we thought it would be informative to write this article to give general awareness. Here are some tips on how to spot and detect damaged eyelash extensions:

  • Lash extensions look “clumpy”
    This is the first tell-tale sign your lashes are damaged. If they appear clumpy and are in different directions then its highly likely the extensions haven’t been applied properly or use of poor lash products.
    An experienced lash extension specialist achieves perfect lashes by adding individual lash extensions to each of your natural eyelashes using a safe, strong and long-lasting glue. When the lashes are clumpy as such, this causes them to be stuck together which then ultimately causes your natural eyelashes to become damaged and leave clear line gaps.

Repair Eyelash Extensions

  • Painful or can feel lash extensions
    You should NOT be able to feel your eyelash extensions. If you feel any pain such as pinching or poking at your natural lash line then this is a clear sign of badly applied lash extensions. The common signs of pain is tightness, as multiple lashes are all stuck together. This subsequently can cause your lashes to pull and come out unexpectedly or prematurely. The result can be very concerning and stressful (to say the very least!).
  • Lashes grow out of control
    Another undesirable and obvious sign of damaged lashes is when the extensions grow out of control and won’t stay in the correct position. This occurs as a result of the lash extensions becoming stuck to other lashes.

Eyelash Extension Repairs
Please note, having your Eyelash Extensions applied by a poorly trained beautician can not only cause short term consequences but also extreme damage to your natural lashes and eyes.

I Heart Lashes by Jenni specialises in natural and glamourous eyelash extensions along with regular infills. Jenni also provides eyelash extension restoration / removal services for damaged and botched treatments (due to other beauticians work) and to enable clients to look and feel gorgeous again. Contact Jenni for an appointment on 0413 862 863 or checkout her latest work on Instagram: I Heart Lashes.

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