There appears to be alot of confusion over eyelash extensions and mascara. We’ve been asked numerous times on whether you can apply both. Short answer.. no. The point of having eyelash extensions is so that it enables you to wake up looking beautiful and without the need of applying mascara or makeup on your eyes. If you decide to use both then this calls for a myriad of problems.

Mascara is a very powerful cosmetic application used for layering, darkening and thickening the eyelashes to provide a classic and dramatic look. At the end of the day, to remove this product requires a range of special products to breakdown the application which involves soaking and wiping away the lashes. So when you already have eyelash extensions, and further layer mascara on top, a range of problems may arise.
The use of mascara causes your lashes to become bundled together. Generally speaking, no one likes their lashes to become stuck together. When Eyelash extensions is applied by a technician / beautician, they use a special bonding glue which ensures the lash extensions are longer lasting. When mascara is used, the oil contained within may break the bonding agent thus weakening your lashes and will cause them to fall out quicker.

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