The most common question we get is “What are the different types of Lash Extensions?” In this article, we’ll briefly cover off some of the lash styles we apply at I Heart Lashes to help give you some guidance to achieve your desired look. There are 7 different types of lash sets and these are called; Classic, Glamour, Volume, Hybrid, Russian Mega Volume and Wispy.

Classic Lashes

What is the Classic Set?
Classic Eyelash Extensions simply enhances the appearance of natural lashes. They are applied one by one to each individual natural lash. These extensions will compliment your eyelashes with a 1 to 1 approach meaning 1 eyelash extension is applied to your natural eyelashes. This is suited for those who want to add length to their eyelashes. There is approximaely 60 lashes applied.


Glamour Lashes

What is the Glamour Set?
Glamour Eyelash Extensions provides a natural, subtle and beautiful look. These will compliment your lashes with a 1 to 1 approach meaning 1 eyelash extension is applied to your natural eyelashes. This is suited for those who want that extra fuller look on top of their natural lashes. There is approximaely 80 lashes applied.


Volume Lashes

What is the Volume Set?
Volume Eyelash Extensions creates a fuller, luscious and voluminous look. This is achieved by applying multiple 2D extensions to one natural lash. Volume lash extensions are suitable for clients who desire a more dramatic and fuller look (more than the Classic and Glamour). There is approximaely 110 lashes applied.


Hybrid Lashes

What is the Hybrid Set?
Hybrid Eyelash Extensions is a combination of both classic and volume lash extensions to create a customised look with a fuller and more dramatic look. It offers the best of both worlds, the natural look of classic extensions and the fullness of the volume extensions. There is approximaely 240 lashes applied.


Russian Mega Volume Lashes

What is the Russian Mega Volume Set?
Russian Mega Volume is similar to Volume Eyelash Extensions but with a higher volume of extensions applied to each natural lash. Typically 3D-6D technique by creating a very full, voluminous look and used to create a dramatic and high-impact look. There is approximaely 360 lashes applied.


Wispy Lashes

What is the Wispy Set?
Wispy Eyelash Extensions are a type of eyelash extension that is designed to create a natural, fluffy and wispy look. The Wispy eyelashes are usually thinner and shorter than regular extensions, which gives them a more natural look and are often used to create a more subtle look, or as a way to add a touch of volume to natural lashes.

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