Eyelash Extensions have revolutionised the beauty industry, offering a means to achieve beautiful flutter-worthy lashes without the daily application of mascara. However, alongside their popularity is a number of myths, potentially changing the public’s perception of this beauty trend. To address the misconceptions and provide clarity, we explore ten common myths surrounding Eyelash Extensions and separate them from the facts, allowing you to make informed decisions about your beauty regimen.

  1. Myth: Eyelash Extensions Damage Natural Lashes

Fact: Properly Applied Extensions Do Not Damage Your Lashes

One of the most persistent myths about Eyelash Extensions is that they lead to the weakening or loss of your natural lashes. In reality, if extensions are correctly applied and maintained, they should have no permanent impact on your natural lash growth cycle. The key is to ensure that you get your lashes by a professional like I Heart Lashes who are experienced and adhere to best practices such as using the appropriate weight and length of extensions in relation to your natural lashes and applying them without touching the lash line. Furthermore, it’s crucial to follow the Aftercare information sheet to prevent any risk of damage.

  1. Myth: Allergic Reactions to Eyelash Glue

Fact: Allergic Reactions Are Exceptional and Usually Stem from Improper Care

Many people believe that the glue used in Eyelash Extensions triggers allergic reactions, but this is not the case for the vast majority of clients. Allergic reactions are rare and typically arise from using old or improper glue or from poor aftercare, such as not cleaning the lashes regularly. As such I Heart Lashes consults with clients earlier on prior to the session to understand any conditions. It’s advisable to do a patch test before the full application to check for any adverse reactions before the appointment.

  1. Myth: Eyelash Extensions Limit Your Activities

Fact: Extensions Can Be Lived In, Within Reason

Contrary to popular belief, Eyelash Extensions do not entirely restrict your lifestyle or activities, but they do require a degree of care to maintain their quality. While swimming for example, it’s best to wear goggles to prevent chlorine exposure and high-impact sports where perspiration and rubbing of the eyes are likely are not ideal. Otherwise, daily life—including showering and light exercise—is perfectly manageable with Eyelash Extensions. Simply ensure you pat the lashes dry gently and avoid rubbing your eyes.

  1. Myth: Eyelash Extensions Require Excessive Maintenance

Fact: Minimal Effort Ensures Longevity of Your Extensions

Another common misconception is that maintaining Eyelash Extensions is a high-maintenance commitment. In reality keeping them clean and avoiding oil-based products around the eye area is typically all that’s required. Regular fills are necessary as the extensions shed naturally with your lashes over time, but these can be scheduled every 2-3 weeks depending on your particular needs and the rate of your lash growth.

  1. Myth: Eyelash Extensions Cause Lashes to Stop Growing

Fact: Lashes Continue to Grow and Shed as Normal

There is a common belief that Eyelash Extensions stop the natural growth cycle of your lashes, leading to a cease in new lash growth. However, this is a myth; your natural lashes continue to grow and fall out as part of their normal cycle. Extensions do not interfere with this process but rather enhance the appearance of your lashes by adding to their length and volume. It’s important to note that over time, your natural lashes will shed along with the extensions making regular fills a necessary part of maintaining the look.

  1. Myth: Eyelash Extensions Make Natural Lashes Thinner

Fact: Temporary Extensions Do Not Affect the Thickness of Your Natural Lashes

Some individuals worry that their natural lashes will become thinner due to the weight of extensions. High-quality extensions used by I Heart Lashes are designed to be far lighter than the weight your natural lashes can support, so they should not cause thinning. However, if extensions are too heavy or long in proportion to your natural lashes, this can strain them and potentially lead to damage. The goal is to have extensions that complement and enhance your natural look without weighing down your lashes.

  1. Myth: You Can Extend the Lifespan of Your Extensions by Avoiding Water

Fact: Water is Not the Enemy of Eyelash Extensions

It’s a common misconception that water will cause Eyelash Extensions to fall out prematurely, leading some to avoid getting them wet. However, extensions are designed to withstand routine contact with water. High-quality adhesive cures and gains strength with exposure to humidity, so water-based activities are not typically a cause for concern. The exception is avoiding prolonged exposure to steam within the first 24-48 hours after application, as this can compromise the adhesive’s initial bonding. This information is outlined in our aftercare information sheet.

  1. Myth: Eyelash Extensions Cannot Be Worn by People With Glasses

Fact: Extensions Can Be Worn by Individuals Who Wear Glasses

The presence of glasses is not a barrier to getting Eyelash Extensions. However, it’s important to communicate this to us, particularly if you wear frames that are close to the eye or have lenses that may bring the lashes into contact. By discussing your preferences and daily accessories with your technician, you can ensure the extensions are applied in a way that accommodates your glasses and provides a comfortable fit without any rubbing or interference.

  1. Myth: Eyelash Extensions Tend To Make Regular Lash Care Unnecessary

Fact: Lash Hygiene Remains Important For Overall Health

An eyebrow-raising myth is that once you have lash extensions, the need for regular lash care—such as brushing and occasional trimming—disappears. In reality, maintaining lash health is important, and good practices should continue alongside your extensions. Regularly cleaning and brushing the lashes ensures the follicles remain unclogged and promotes healthy growth. Utilising serums and conditioners that are safe for use with extensions can also contribute to the overall health and appearance of your lashes.

  1. Myth: All Eyelash Extension Salons and Technicians Are Equal

Fact: Quality Varies, So Choose Wisely

Not all Eyelash Extensions Sydney studios or technicians are created equal. The skill level, experience and hygiene practices can differ vastly from one establishment to another. Research is crucial to finding a reputable and established studio like I Heart Lashes who uses high-quality products and prioritises safety. Look for reviews and an established portfolio (Check our Instagram) of work to ensure you’re choosing a professional who can provide the level of service you expect.

Navigating the domain of Eyelash Extensions can be as tricky. The key is to approach it with an informed, discerning eye, separating the myths from the facts. Armed with the truth about Eyelash Extensions, you can confidently enhance your natural beauty and flutter your new, voluminous lashes with pride and assurance.

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