Pregnancy is an exciting time and it is also when women are most sensitive. Their body goes through a number of hormonal and physical changes, often discomforting and at times a very emotional process. In addition to their well-being and physical heath, expecting mums are more attentive on their surrounding environments. It is quite common questions are raised during this time concerning whether particular foods/drinks are safe to consume along with exploring whether particular chemicals can make contact with their skin.

If you are reading this article, then there is a good chance you’re a ‘mum to be’ (congratulations!) and want to know whether Eyelash Extensions are safe to apply whilst pregnant. Look no further, as we’re here to help! 🙂

Eyelash Extensions Parramatta

EyeLash Extensions are a 100% safe, pain-free, non-invasive cosmetic procedure applied to enhance the look of your eyes. I Heart Lashes achieves this process by adding individual lashes to each of your natural eyelashes using a high quality, low fume adhesive glue which are manufactured specifically for use around the eye area (we only use the best of the best!).
Whilst it is typically safe and all due diligence is taken, there are of course risks associated with the procedure. Here are some risks you may need to consider. Please note: these are the absolute worse case scenarios when getting your lashes by a non-trained beautician.

  • Glue getting into the eyes (irrespective of being pregnant, this can happen to any person getting their lashes done).
  • Tweezers can slip and cause eye damage.
  • Dirty equipment can cause eye infections if not sterile.
  • Adverse or allergic reaction due to the composition of the glue.

Sounds scary… is it safe?
To answer the question “is it safe to get lash extensions whilst pregnant?”.. YES it can be VERY SAFE provided the lash extensions are applied by a trained professional such as Jenni from I Heart Lashes. Generally speaking, we take the utmost care on providing a safe, professional and relaxing session for our clients. We have a proven track record of satisfied and regular customers – Eyelash Extensions Sydney.

The takeaway message
Pregnancy is a delicate time of happiness. Part of that happiness is getting your glam on, boosting that look and building up confidence. All women have the empowerment to look gorgeous and beautiful! (Being a mum with a beautiful daughter, Jenni has been there and done that!). In all cases, it is advisable to seek proper advice from your medical practitioner or obstetrician before undertaking any cosmetic procedure.

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